Training requirements

Staff can either travel to Birmingham to attend a 2-day training course or a Communicate instructor will come to you to deliver in-house training for groups of up to 10 people.

Staff must attend: 

  • 2 days of initial training
  • 1 day of further training (within 3 months of the initial training)
  • 1 support day where our instructors work alongside trained staff and learners to ensure the intervention is having the maximum impact.
New staff working through their 2 days of initial training.
Training is interactive.

Training feedback scores:

"Brilliant program with an easy interface. I love it and I'm sure our young people will too!"

"During the training it was apparent how useful this programme would be to help young people and families. It's easy to navigate. I was worried about it being a PC-based programme. However it's interactive and has handwriting elements that are on paper. I was really impressed."

Overall impressions - 4.6 out of 5 

Impressions of trainer - 4.7 out of 5

Impressions of project - 4.6 out of 5 


Staff receive certificates in recognition of their personal investment in the program.

Certificate of Attendance - For successfully completing the initial 2-day initial training. 

Bronze - Demonstrate the use of the diagnostic module and 1 teaching solution with 1 learner. 

To apply for Bronze:

Silver - You must hold a Bronze award & demonstrate effective delivery of 5 teaching solutions with 3 learners

To apply for Silver:

Gold -  You must hold a Silver award & demonstrate effective delivery of ALL teaching solutions with over 10 learners

To apply for Gold:

Our Work An introduction

An introduction

Why it works

Educators often have to focus on what learners are ‘supposed’ to know. This project targets what they ‘need’ to know.

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Our Work Award Winning
An award-winning intervention

Award Winning

The project won a national award from the Youth Justice Board.

The award
Our Work Success stories
Success stories

Success stories

Read about the people the Communicate project has helped.

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Our Work Staff training and CPD
Staff training

Staff training and CPD

The Communicate project offers staff an excellent opportunity for continued professional development and provides them with a specialist toolkit for overcoming literacy problems.

Our Work Project implementation
Project implementation

Project implementation

What to think about when starting a Communicate project?

What to consider

Our 10-hour mission

The Communicate project brings a complete literacy intervention system to the front-line which changes outcomes in hours.

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