The engagement workshop

The hardest part of working with vulnerable people, is convincing them to let you help them.




The Communicate team has decades of experience re-engaging the most challenging and vulnerable people in society.

We understand that the biggest stumbling block for many front-line staff, is getting your clients to let you in.

Our team has designed a practical, one-day workshop to help teams to talk about existing strategies, and to harness powerful educational techniques that can help them to boost client engagement. We have created a space for front-line professionals to develop fast-acting strategies for connecting with people who are notoriously difficult to work with.


About the day

About the day

The day covers: causes of disengagement - building a healthy relationship quickly - understanding language barriers - targeting quick wins and maximising time - negotiating with the disengaged - creating the right environment - carrot versus stick - tips, tricks and best practice

This is a perfect CPD opportunity for managers, front-line staff, and volunteers.

Why Communicate

We built our reputation getting results in less than 10 hours, with some of the most disengaged people in the UK.

The intervention works because it is bursting with educational and psychological best-practice.

The most common question we get, is why people engage with Communicate sessions, and then bounce off the wall in everything else?

This workshop sets out how to apply best-practice from Communicate to all other parts of your service.


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