Engagement C.P.D.

A practical one-day workshop.

Improving Engagement


Do you

work with members of the public?


Do you

find some of your clients do not want to engage with your service?


Are you

looking for quality C.P.D. (Continuing Professional Development)?

We understand that the biggest stumbling block for many front-line staff is getting your clients to let you in. Their reluctance to engage prevents them from receiving the support you offer.

We have applied our experience of working with people in a variety of settings including Youth Offending Teams, Schools, Alternative Providers and Charities to designing a practical, one-day workshop to help overcome these barriers to engagement.


What gets covered?

Improving engagement

Knowledge & Strategies

    Identifying barriers to engagement

    Being a good role model

    Building a relationship with the service user

    Making it about them

    Understanding language barriers

    Dealing with challenges

Activities to Use

    Understanding Vocabulary & Jargon

    Body language & speaking clearly

    Assertive vs Aggressive


    Meet staff from other services

    Share good practice

Who is the Engagement Workshop for?

Learn engagement techniques - understand more about why people disengage
Identify challenges and missed opportunities - enhance engagement processes - improve staff morale
Insights into the challenges you will face - understand engagement barriers


The workshop will provide you with:

A better understanding of why people disengage.
Strategies you can use to encourage better engagement with your clients.
Techniques you can use to improve engagement.
A chance to share good practice with other staff.

Workshop feedback

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