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Developing independence through improved communication

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The mission

For 30 years, our family enterprise has worked on the front-line with adults and young people who have not had a fighting chance at engaging with society. The Fluence Foundation embodies our mission to reach out to people whose lives are on hold until fundamental literacy barriers can be overcome.

Our work

Charitable aims

We improve people's lives by giving people access to core literacy skills that allow them to access what society has to offer.

- The advancement of education

- The prevention of poverty

- The advancement of citizenship

- Community development

- The promotion of social-mobility

- The improvement of life chances

Our Work About the Foundation
Jennifer - why we created the Fluence Foundation

About the Foundation

We know that social services and front-line charities have excellent access to the most vulnerable people in society. However, these organisations simply do not have the resources to co-ordinate structured literacy intervention strategies with a long-term view. We also understand that literacy issues prevent people from accessing the incredible support that these organisations offer. It is therefore vital to give people the means of tackling literacy problems out in the community, where they are most needed.

The Fluence Foundation helps organisations to implement targeted literacy strategies. We allow our project partners to reach out to vulnerable people, to offer vital life skills, and give people a new sense of confidence and pride.

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The Communicate project

Formerly known as the Rapid English project, Communicate is an award-winning literacy intervention project that changes lives.

It helps organisations to reach out to children, young people and adults whose lives are on hold until fundamental literacy barriers can be overcome.