Our 10-hour mission

Give anyone the skills they need to get into Education, Training or Employment (ETE) in 10 hours or less. 

 1. Identify & Diagnose

Many learners are not aware of their own language barriers. They do not seek help, and they may not realise that life could be easier with core literacy skills.

Others are aware of their literacy problems, and they have developed advanced coping mechanisms to conceal this from others.

Communicate helps your staff to identify people who are struggling because of underlying literacy issues. A targeted diagnostic tool is completed in 45 mins to allows staff to reveal the language gaps that are holding someone back.  This will pinpoint exactly where to start the intervention. 

2. Prioritise & Overcome

The software-based toolkit provides trained staff with teaching solutions ranging from phonics and vocabulary building, right through to handwriting and public speaking. There are 16 teaching solutions ready to go with no prior preparation required. 

You overcome each language problem in order of priority in the time that is available. We recommend a minimum of 30mins per week. 

3. Empower & Integrate

Progress is fast. Learners produce their own work and are able to compare it to their initial samples. There is nothing more powerful than seeing tangible evidence of your own progress.

While you cannot teach everything in 10 hours, it is possible to prioritise the content that will be of most use. Learners experience a powerful sense of progression, which can have a tranformative impact on confidence, self-esteem and willingness to move into Education, Training or Employment (ETE).

Our Work An introduction

An introduction

Why it works

Educators often have to focus on what learners are ‘supposed’ to know. This project targets what they ‘need’ to know.

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Our Work Award Winning
An award-winning intervention

Award Winning

The project won a national award from the Youth Justice Board.

The award
Our Work Success stories
Success stories

Success stories

Read about the people the Communicate project has helped.

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Our Work Staff training and CPD
Staff training

Staff training and CPD

The Communicate project offers staff an excellent opportunity for continued professional development and provides them with a specialist toolkit for overcoming literacy problems.

Our Work Project implementation
Project implementation

Project implementation

What to think about when starting a Communicate project?

What to consider

Our 10-hour mission

The Communicate project brings a complete literacy intervention system to the front-line which changes outcomes in hours.

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