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Most people know about 'forensic linguistics' in the context of fighting crime.

Police forces study the language people produce online to spot patterns of behaviour. It helps them to prioritise cases, and to allocate their resources more effectively.

At Fluence, we use similar techniques to predict the learning needs of students, and to re-think the educational priorities of training courses.

Education today

Education today fails millions of people every year.

32% of apprentices do not complete their training

20% of vocational learners drop out of courses. This costs the taxpayer £814m per year.

40% of people who achieve vocational qualifications are still considered unemployable by employers who recruit based on those qualifications

8% of undergraduates drop out of university in first year. This drop out rate costs universities £1.3bn per year.

Fluence is changing this, one subject at a time.

Our process

We analyse millions of words of workplace and training materials to reveal the education requirements, and optimal learning curve for any subject.

Our Work Ufi Charitable trust
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Ufi Charitable trust

Our work is supported by the Ufi Charitable Trust.

They "improve vocational skills in the UK's workforce by funding digital solutions for vocational learning." Explore the Ufi

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We are looking for university & college leaders who are looking to bring innovation to the way they deliver education and training.

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