Improving outcomes & raising attainment


Changing the learning trajectory once and for all

Some people go through the motions of education, without benefitting from it. Fundamental language gaps prevent them from participating effectively. This problem becomes more pronounced as they get older, as content gets tougher and social expectations get higher.

This project is not just about literacy, it is about empowerment. It is about giving services the tools to reduce student's dependency on others, so that they can function independently. A short, sharp Communicate intervention allows learners to resume the expected learning trajectory, even after having shown no signs of progression, sometimes for years.



This intervention is delivered by trained staff in one-to-one sessions or small groups of two to three learners. The course contains a comprehensive diagnostic and progress element as well as ready-made modules which help with handwriting, reading, spelling, sentences and paragraph writing and speaking. Communicate sessions are suitable for KS2, KS3 and KS4. Sessions are delivered on computers that require sound recording.


Improving Pupil Premium outcomes

The tracking module, with its comprehensive diagnostic and progress exercises, makes it easy to prove the impact of the intervention as well as evidencing sessions so schools can justify any pupil premium spend. The tracking and evidencing is an integral part of the teaching process and does not involve any extra work for staff.


SEND Code of Practice

In-built tracking allows learners and parents to monitor progress throughout the intervention. Learners work through the relevant modules allowing all learning to be bespoke. Reports can be created at the click of a button. This helps schools meet the requirements of the SEND code of practice. 


Attainment 8 and Progress 8

By addressing fundamental literacy gaps, learners can access all areas of the curriculum. This project addresses a root cause which prevents learners from fulfilling their full potential regardless of past experiences or attainment. By targeting high-priority language in the specific areas that are holding learners back, progress not only becomes possible but achievable in a very short time.  


Our Work An introduction

An introduction

Why it works

Educators often have to focus on what learners are ‘supposed’ to know. This project targets what they ‘need’ to know.

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Our Work Award Winning
An award-winning intervention

Award Winning

The project won a national award from the Youth Justice Board.

The award
Our Work Success stories
Success stories

Success stories

Read about the people the Communicate project has helped.

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Our Work Staff training and CPD
Staff training

Staff training and CPD

The Communicate project offers staff an excellent opportunity for continued professional development and provides them with a specialist toolkit for overcoming literacy problems.

Our Work Project implementation
Project implementation

Project implementation

What to think about when starting a Communicate project?

What to consider

Our 10-hour mission

The Communicate project brings a complete literacy intervention system to the front-line which changes outcomes in hours.

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