Case studies

Below are some of the success stories that have been submitted by Communicate practitioners across the country.

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Case Studies

Princes Risborough School

We now have a student who writes confidently, fluently and more importantly, legibly thanks to 3 hours of intervention. Mrs Lund - Literacy Tutor Find out more

Amazing success story from Sova ACE in Wales

Mr F's ability and confidence has improved dramatically. Last week he called me to make another appointment - something he would not have had the confidence to do just a couple of months ago. Read the story

Blair Staynings from Swindon YOT

Communicate is proving beneficial in raising levels of confidence, helping with handwriting, and demonstrating to young people rapid progress in areas where traditionally other forms of teaching have been less successful. Communicate can also help young people address issues connected with anger management, poor educational attainment (particularly in relation to literacy difficulties), and problems in relating to adults and mainstream services.

Our Work Tyler's handwritten job application
Before and after sample

Tyler's handwritten job application

It took Tyler nearly 5 minutes to write the first sample. After working with our Communicate Tutor Chris, he was able to write his own job application.

JM - Year 8

"JM is in year 8 and came started Communicate sessions because he was at risk of exclusion. JM has a statement for ADD. During his intervention, his handwriting improved dramatically. His teachers have commented to him on how much his handwriting has improved. To help him with his sentence writing skills, he has been writing a funny, haunted house story in collaboration with another student from his school using the writing frame solution. This worked really well and JM is really getting the idea of communicating his ideas simply, clearly and with more control. There is no doubt that JM’s confidence and his communication skills are improving every week and this is reflecting in his increased engagement with school."

North Primary School

"With a large and varied set of resources available at the touch of a button, I now have more time to work with children."

"Communicate takes a holistic approach to literacy allowing the user to set their own priorities and goals."

"As children use Communicate, their self-esteem increases which is evident in all aspects of school life."

Effective Practice Award - Youth Justice Board (YJB)

The project received national recognition for its work engaging school-aged young offenders. It engaged young people with major literacy barriers, as well as those with identified learning difficulties, such as Dyslexia, ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The award was based on two independent eval-uations of the project by Reading and Nottinghamshire Youth Offending Services. It is possible to access these evaluations from the YJB’s effective practice library.

Our Work Work sample - reading aloud

Work sample - reading aloud

Sarah from Reading YOS

In just 9 sessions, Sarah’s confidence improved so dramatically that she went from talking in a whisper to nailing a 15 minute radio interview with BBC radio Berkshire. Her writing also won her a competition at a school which she attended thanks to her new-found confidence.

Our Work Practicing verbs

Practicing verbs

Pavillion Study Centre

Since October, I have been working with an 8 year old boy who has multiple special educational needs including dyslexia, ADHD, OCD and ODD. His complexity of needs have caused severe gaps in his education as he has been excluded from mainstream education on a number of occasions and has currently been out of school for a year.

One of his main areas for improvement is his writing. He doesn't like to write, so he would write very little; often only two or three basic sentences per lesson. A large part of the problem with his writing was the way in which he held his pen. Taking part in the Communicate training helped me to get a better understanding of just how restrictive his pen holding style actually was by imitating it. Even better, I was given a number of methods to help encourage pupils like him to change the way they held a pen.

Once he felt comfortable he then wrote the date in the most beautiful handwriting he had every done. He then proceeded to write three paragraphs, which is something he has not ever done with me before. This was a real breakthrough for me and my pupil and was exceedingly rapid as it only took one lesson to master.

Staff feedback

This is a well thought out programme that meets the needs of many vulnerable individuals. It is good to see that someone has taken the time to scientifically analyse the ways in which we learn.

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Ffion Burke, Sova ACE

“The most enjoyable aspect of the course for me was its flexibility. I can fit in sessions in between my other work commitments. Our project aims to meet clients at a location that is most convenient to them therefore having a portable programme I can deliver anywhere is crucial.”