Why it works

Communicate works by giving learners control of the language that they need the most.


Research shows that 80% of communication in English comes from just 20% of the language.

For example, if you knew just 350 words, you would understand over 75% of an entire college course.

Communicate ensures that learners understand the core language that has the greatest impact on their understanding of their course or job. 

This technique of helping learners conquer high-value language has been applied to all communication types; reading, writing, speaking and listening, and wrapped up into a single intervention toolkit.


The software helps break down all the teaching into manageable chunks and helps them learn it in an interactive and engaging way. Learners work at their own pace and towards their own goals.

To make the most of the time available, learners only work on the solutions that have been identified as essential. No matter how much they cover, a learner will experience a powerful sense of progression, a boost in confidence and a new-found pride in their own abilities.

Our Work An introduction

An introduction

Why it works

Educators often have to focus on what learners are ‘supposed’ to know. This project targets what they ‘need’ to know.

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Our Work Award Winning
An award-winning intervention

Award Winning

The project won a national award from the Youth Justice Board.

The award
Our Work Success stories
Success stories

Success stories

Read about the people the Communicate project has helped.

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Our Work Staff training and CPD
Staff training

Staff training and CPD

The Communicate project offers staff an excellent opportunity for continued professional development and provides them with a specialist toolkit for overcoming literacy problems.

Our Work Project implementation
Project implementation

Project implementation

What to think about when starting a Communicate project?

What to consider

Our 10-hour mission

The Communicate project brings a complete literacy intervention system to the front-line which changes outcomes in hours.

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