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Fluence is helping Amgen lift the lid on what truly matters to healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Fluence’s document understanding AI is being trained to interpret complex sales and marketing assets, in combination with CRM chatter, to inform the development of its campaigns and to maximize impact on the customer.

Danny Donkers, Business Unit Director CV, Osteoporosis and Inflammation, says:


“Amgen is committed to achieving a higher quality of customer engagement. We want to drive customer value and move towards insights and data-driven interactions with our customers. In this, AI can play an essential role.”


The sheer complexity of the pharmaceutical industry makes it difficult to draw lessons about what’s working, or why. With so many regional, clinical and regulatory dynamics at play, traditional techniques, such as A/B testing, can only serve a limited role.


“A disconnect can exist between what marketing teams produce, what sales reps actually use, and what HCPs ultimately want to know.”


No matter how well a CRM system is maintained, it is difficult for marketing teams to leverage the lived experience of sales reps to inform the development of future campaigns.

By combining the experience and expertise of the company into a single predictive environment, Amgen can develop a top-down understanding of how HCPs interact with the company, allowing Amgen to focus time and resources on what adds the most value to the customer.


“We want to harness the collective experience and expertise of Amgen”


Amgen is now leveraging its data team to maximize the relevance of sales and marketing assets. The more relevant they can be, the better they can be at minimizing disruption for HCPs.

Our goal is to allow all departments to gain access to the big picture on what works. This allows everyone to move in the same direction, whilst preventing individual departments from making unilateral decisions that could have a negative impact on other teams.