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At Fluence, our mission is to combine the awesome power of human intuition with scalability and reliability of software.

Our origins

Fluence was the brainchild of tech-savvy literacy specialists, who used the Pareto Principle* to improve the efficiency of literacy teaching.

We succeeded in identifying and prioritizing all aspects of language and grammar, so that every item of a lesson would deliver maximum educational returns to students.

We had the idea of creating software that could autonomously apply the same logic to any subject, simply by uploading subject-specific content to the platform.

Fluence was established when we realised we had produced a technology that could make incredible predictions about the quality, logic and purpose of content across any discipline, with incredible precision.



Today, we help our clients draw quantitative insights from qualitative content.

  • Insights – deconstruct exactly how a human decision is made.
  • Predictions – replicate this logic on new, unseen content
  • Actions – do ‘what the human would have done’ at scale.


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“Nobody phrases it this way, but I think that artificial intelligence is almost a humanities discipline. It’s really an attempt to understand human intelligence and human cognition.”

Sebastian Thrun

Meet Our Co-Founders



David Hore

Co-Founder & CEO / CTO


As a specialist in developing technologies that transform and challenge traditional analytic approaches, David has pioneered the fusion of natural language processing, Artificial Intelligence and linguistics to create the Fluence platform.  He combines vision and determined ambition with sound commercial acumen to inform our strategic direction and effectively manage investor relationships.

David has a solid history of leading a range of organisations and developing ground-breaking ideas. He holds a BA Hons in Politics with International Relations.  

David loves coffee and knows not to take any important decisions before his first one of the day. He cannot send a message on our Team Slack without including a GIF and you would normally catch David coming up with his best ideas late into the night. When he isn’t working, he consumes books at an unbelievable pace and loves  golfing and travelling.

Jennifer Hore

Co-Founder & COO / CFO


With a track record of cultivating responsible yet dynamic organisations, Jennifer has successfully established Fluence’s operational division. She has a real passion for harnessing and developing talent. She manages investor relations, works on our financial projections and leads our business-led strategy.  She is instrumental in shaping our sales and commercial strategies, while applying her leadership skills to drive our growth. She is focused on supporting our team from within while providing a stellar customer experience.

Jennifer has held a variety of leadership roles including Sales Director and Programme Director positions for technology companies.  She holds a BA Hons in International Business and Management. She set-up her first start-up while still at university after which she joined a business incubator where she travelled across Europe helping people turn their ideas into businesses.

Jennifer is a huge Harry Potter fan and has a reputation for planning fabulous events and activities.

Meet the team

Andrew Schofield

Algorithm Developer


Andrew is a specialist in artificial intelligence with an impressive career in Software Engineering spanning 30 years, including as a Director of Engineering for telecommunications organisations supplying virtual network and data services.  With a portfolio of successful patents, Andrew brings a wealth of software development expertise to the Fluence team, working closely with our developers to ensure our platform remains at the frontier of innovation.  

Jez Williams



With a background in establishing and growing a number of successful enterprises, Jez has over 20 years’ experience of leading technology businesses.  As chair, Jez focuses on providing expert guidance and advice to the Fluence leadership team.  His valuable mentorship underpins our ambitions and enables the team to transform our vision into a tangible reality.

Ryan Smith

Lead Developer


A focused and enigmatic solution architect, Ryan has a passion for emerging technologies and heads up our development team, with responsibility for everything team, code- and tech-related.  Ryan has a background in developing technologies that solve complex business problems through innovation, with experience spanning diverse web development roles.

Ryan dedicates his time to the ongoing development of our underpinning algorithms and technology. You’ll find him optimising the Fluence Language Analytics platform to ensure all our customers receive the very best service and experience.

Ryan is an avid fan of the “beautiful game”. Proud of his sweet tooth, he is known for his generosity in sharing a variety of delectable delights in the office.

Simone Scicluna

Computational Linguist


Simone is a digital linguist and data scientist. She works closely with our technical team to provide our customers with insights that go far beyond the conventional realm of analytics.  Simone brings to the team a powerful combination of focus, extensive linguistics experience and an alternative perspective on capturing and interpreting information.   

Simone has a background in Education and Content Media and has been involved in a wide range of projects with Fluence including the automated analysis of exam questions to improve quality and reduce time and cost of production.  She holds an M.Sc. in Cognitive Science.

Simone fills her downtime with some pretty unusual hobbies, one of which is playing the accordion, and she was once in a Brazilian street band!

George Walker

Software Developer


George is a future-focused and committed software developer with a talent for solving genuinely head-scratching problems.  He focuses primarily on the back-end of our technology and works closely with other members of the development team to evolve the Machine Learning concepts that underpin the platform.  

His background is in Software Development and Data Science and he has a BsC in Astrophysics.

George impresses us all with the range of conversation topics he masters which includes everything from mathematical concepts to last week’s football along with quite a few helpful life hacks.

Arturs Jansons

UX/UI Developer


Arturs joined Fluence after an impressive internship nearly two years ago.  He is an enthusiastic and creative front-end developer who understands the art of making complex concepts simple to understand and beautiful to look at. Fully conversant with the latest front-end development techniques, Arturs has the expertise to transform everyday language into visual stories that enable our customers to make sense of their worlds.  

Artus holds a BSc in Computer Science and is cutting his software development teeth at Fluence working on different projects such as visualising categories of language to help customers map and contextualize their content.

He is a Marvel and DC fan (they can co-exist) who loves the gym and playing volleyball.

Michelle Towle

Bid Manager


With over 15 years’ experience in a variety of leadership and delivery roles within the IT industry, Michelle heads up our bidding function and is charged with establishing Fluence’s business-winning capabilities. A qualified PRINCE 2 and Managing Successful Programmes Practitioner, she has experience of leadership roles in FTSE 100 organisations, consultancies and start-ups.  

With a passion for enabling customers to realise the benefits of innovative and emerging technology, she focuses on expanding Fluence’s proposition and translating this into business growth.

She has a BA Hons in Arts Therapies and a background in software development programmes and delivery.

Michelle loves vegan food, running and dogs, and in her distant past played drums in a punk band.

Liz Corse

Marketing Manager


Liz is a marketing professional with over 13 years’ experience of delivering effective and dynamic marketing solutions to diverse organisations.  With a passion for creating and establishing brands, Liz brings a dynamic and commercially-minded approach to Fluence , where she heads up our marketing department and guides our marketing strategy.

Liz has held a variety of key marketing roles during her career, including senior roles for Canon and Quark Media.  Her skills span customer relationship management, business development, channel management, and the development and delivery of operational marketing programmes.  She holds a BSc Hons in International Business and French.

Outside work, Liz is a keen athlete, who loves almonds and has a real talent for creating inspiring life hacks.

Norman McLeod

Language Expert


With a passion for linguistics, Norman has established an award-winning business that focuses on harnessing the power of language and communication to improve lives.  He developed a literacy intervention that accelerates learning and development for children, young people and adults.  He now brings this vast understanding of language to the Fluence platform. Norman is essentially the linguistic inspiration behind our technology, helping us to convert language into insight for our customers.

Emma Fullard

Office Manager


Emma is a dedicated and diligent management professional who ensures the smooth day-to-day running of the company.  She manages all our internal operations, spanning process implementation and management, HR, finance and procurement.  She plays a pivotal role in the Fluence team, bringing serenity and good humour to everything she does.

Emma has a management background spanning a variety of industries including technology and chemical manufacturing.  

Emma has two children and loves going on family holidays and socialising with her friends

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