“Curiosity is the engine of achievement.” Ken Robinson


Are you a naturally curious person who is fascinated by language and technology? Do you enjoy working on important problems with the freedom to creatively solve them? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

At Fluence, we’re passionate about bringing together people who have a blend of analytical and creative skills, who relish the chance to collaborate, and who can think big, to help propel our growth at this exciting time.

We love pioneers

You’ll be surrounded by a range of cutting-edge technologies. 

A great place to work

Our office is situated in the heart of Birmingham’s historic jewellery quarter, providing a thoroughly modern workspace with plenty of space and light. There’s a group area for informal collaboration, a kitchen with a selection of refreshment options (our co-founder loves his coffee), a dining area where you can chat over lunch, a boardroom where we brainstorm and celebrate team success, and a shower should you decide to run or cycle to the office. And there are whiteboards everywhere, so when inspiration strikes, you always have somewhere to jot ideas down!

We value time off

We wouldn’t be here without the hard work and dedication of our team. We owe it to our staff to take care of them, so everyone has 25 days’ annual leave plus bank holidays, and we encourage everyone to use their full allocation because everyone needs a life beyond work.

Flexible hours to suit your style

Everyone is office-based as much as possible to maintain our vibrant team dynamic. But we appreciate people are at their most alert and productive at different times of day, so everyone works the same core hours and then it’s up to you whether you start earlier or finish later.

Part-time is just fine

We want great talent to work here regardless of their current life circumstances. That’s why we offer interesting and demanding roles on a part-time basis, as an ideal way of supporting working parents or team members who are combining work with other interests or commitments.

Grow with us

As Fluence grows, we are able to offer our staff great opportunities for personal and professional development – either through our partnerships with prestigious organisations like SetSquared or through attendance at relevant industry events such as the AI-Summit and CogX.

Teamwork makes for great work

Meaningful relationships are key to making Fluence a great place to work. That’s why we take time out for team days where we can hang out doing non-work activities and really get to know each other. We have successfully escaped rooms together, pitted our putting skills at Ghetto Golf, and spooked each other for Halloween.

Success deserves to be celebrated

Trust plays a huge role in our culture, so we all hold one another accountable, each taking responsibility without regard to level or role. We seek out and listen to diverse perspectives, and encourage questioning to create an atmosphere in which innovation can thrive. We celebrate our successes (sometimes Prosecco is involved), acknowledge and examine our setbacks with empathy, and learn from both.

Open Vacancies

Please visit our indeed page for our latest job vacancies.