The journey to AI-assisted decision making


Helping you become AI-ready:


  • Preparing your data & IT infrastructure for AI.
  • Learning from your data to uncover genuine commercial value.
  • Deploying your capabilities at scale.
  • Delivering your service to clients.

Structuring your knowledge base

Providing valuable assistance on how to structure your data in order to maximise the value of AI..

Forming decision logic

Helping you structure your current business processes so that they can be supported by AI.

Defining the value of content

In Artificial Intelligence, it isn’t always obvious what data to keep. Our team works closely with you to plan your data management processes in order to maximise the impact of AI.

Understanding the implications

AI has huge strengths, but it also comes with limitations. Fluence will work with you to understand where and how to deploy AI in order to maximise its value, and to mitigate risk.

Onboarding phase

Fluence works closely with you to prepare your organisation for the large-scale deployment of AI. This process is broken down into a low-risk, three-phased approach for embedding Fluence AI into your current operations.

Insights – Exploring what your language says about your values, and thought processes.

Predictions – Training the Fluence engine to replicate your logic on new content.

Actions – Connecting Fluence’s predictive capabilities with tangible business activities.

Transition to licence

You are now in a position to deploy the service in a systematic way, across a range of internal business activities. Fluence’s full predictive capability is put into your hands.

Your team can start automating an unlimited number of bespoke business activities. They can decide which actions the system should perform on their behalf. They can assign appropriate actions to any incoming document. They can set their level of automation, depending on how senstitive the task is. They can embed the service into a wide range of existing organisational services via API.

Distribute to your network

The Fluence platform allows you to disseminate your predictive capabilities throughout your network.

Your organisation owns the predictive models generated by your data. Fluence facilitates the resale of your expertise via Fluence’s ‘satellite client’ software.

Reap the rewards of automated quality management

  • Automated Quality Assurance:
    Differentiating good from bad, and catching mistakes prior to release.
  • Compliance:
    Specifying adherence to regulatory and organisational standards.
  • Continuous improvement:
    Extrapolating best practice from organisational activities
  • Resource management & triage:
    Prioritising work based on importance.
  • Process automation:
    Apply Fluence AI to any business challenge that could benefit it.