The Communicate Project

The award-winning literacy intervention

Literacy in numbers

There is a direct link beween


1 in 7

adults lack basic literacy in the UK. That's 5.1 million people.


4 in 5

offenders have major speech, language & communication problems.


9 in 10

looked after children have had a disrupted education.

Intervention pathway

Take your clients on a journey to core literacy skills



A short diagnostic session helps you pinpoint the language gaps that prevent learners from engaging.



Overcome the biggest gaps in order of priority, using 26 specialist intervention solutions.



Apply new-found skills and confidence to help learners achieve their goals.

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Who is Communicate for?

• Provides young people with the skills they need to engage in Education, Training and Employment • Supports interview preparation, CV writing, and job hunting • Transforms engagement • Builds confidence and self-esteem
• Ideal for adults regardless of their starting point • Learners see rapid progress • Improves Education, Training and Employment prospects
• Ideal for adults regardless of their starting point • Does not require the internet to run • 1-2-1 sessions that can be delivered out and about in the community • Ideal for peer to peer programmes as prisoners can be trained to deliver the intervention • Helps break the offending cycle • Focuses on functional literacy skills
• Ideal for 1-2-1 and small group interventions • Delivered by Teaching Assistants, support staff and teachers • Includes a complete paper-trail which evidences progress • Includes a detailed record of work which can be shared with teachers, pupils, parents and OFSTED • Supports personalised learning
• Suitable for all ages • Provides skills needed to engage in Education, Training and Employment • Supports interview preparation, CV writing and job hunting • Leads to a sense of self-worth • Improves engagement • Boosts confidence and self-esteem
• Ideal for those who are NEET, at risk of becoming NEET and ISS • Provides the skills required to access Education, Training and Employment • Intervention can be either voluntary or statutory • Overcomes disengagement and low self-esteem • Can be integrated into reparation work and other statutory YOT activities
• Supports young people either in school or in their homes • Delivered by volunteers, mentors and/or support staff • Incorporates young people’s interests • Transforms engagement • Builds confidence and self-esteem
• Suitable for parents and tutors • Positive activity suitable for all ages (6+) • Focuses on functional literacy skills
Friends for life

This project empowers front-line services.

We are proud to work alongside them in their efforts to support people who have not been given the same life chances.

What is in the box?

Specialist software
Software that helps non-specialists deliver highly structured interventions. Available as a site-licence or as an individual licence.
Paper-based resources that support the delivery of sessions including guided handwriting sheets, handwriting pens, desk pads, posters and flyers.
On-going support
Our dedicated team are on hand to solve any issues as they arise either in person, on the phone or by email.
Training & CPD
Up-skill staff with a new range of skills and expertise.
Follow-up support
Each project is carefully managed and guided through a series of 20 project milestones to ensure you get the most out of the provision.

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