It was great to witness the big smile he shared with the congregation after each reading.

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Positive Steps


I first met ‘A’ at his local church, who at the time were supporting him after a suicide attempt, the breakdown of his marriage and losing his job. He started off with Communicate as a very nervous student - unable to write [fear caused by ridicule over the years] and a reading ability of 1-B. He said his ambition was to read a passage from the bible at his church.

He worked on the programme and built up his confidence in reading by understanding the formation of words from letters made up of vowels and consonants. He recognised that syllables broke words down into manageable sizes that he could remember, pronounce, and build up into a full word. 

He now enjoys hearing his recorded voice because his reading sounds measured; and he stresses out sounds and uses stressed vowel sounds and power words correctly. Along with the bible reading he has learned to read a poem by Bobbi Katz called ‘When you can read’. 

He and I also constructed a passage which he planned to read out in church. The vicar built his whole sermon for that day around ‘A’s reading, and the journey he is on. On the day ‘A’ read with a measured and fluent style. 

It was great to witness the big smile he shared with the congregation after each reading, and even better to hear their rapturous round of applause when he had finished. 

The communicate programme has really benefitted ‘A’, and he will continue to attend further sessions to overcome his fear of writing and ultimately improve his writing skills in the future by addressing an ‘I CAN’ approach. Communicate is so much more than a literacy tool, it’s about listening to people’s abilities and attempting to take thm on a journey, to a level where they want to be.