He was the successful candidate.

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Thames Valley CRC (Probation)

After 10 years out of work, John improved his communication skills and practised his interview techniques. He not only gained the confidence to apply for a job, he was the successful candidate.

John lacked a lot of confidence. He had been out of work for over 10 years and the idea of going back into work really scared him. He could read well but his writing and speaking skills both needed some attention to prepare him for the workplace. 

John worked hard on improving his communication skills and did really well in his sessions.

His handwriting was really hard to read before but now it looks much better. He also changed how he was physically writing so that it is now much more comfortable for him to write. 

He was very good at thinking of what to write but he struggled to separate his ideas which made his writing very difficult to follow. His spelling also needed a lot of attention. 

Now he can communicate his ideas clearly and uses full stops, capital letters and commas correctly. John has become much more confident compared to when he first started the intervention. We worked together to prepare him for the Construction Skills Certification Scheme test and interview technique. 

All of these things helped improve his confidence to the point that not only was he motivated to find work, he actually got a job.