It gave him a real sense of achievement.

admin Thu Nov 2, 2017 Clients


Mr F’s ability and confidence has improved dramatically. Last week, he called me to make another appointment- something he would not have had the confidence to do just a couple of months ago.

We were able to make a huge difference to a participant’s confidence speaking in English as part of our Sova Achieving Change through Employment (ACE) project. 

The project is designed to help black, minority ethnic and migrant individuals find work. Mr F is an     Eritrean man, whose first language is Tigrinya. He moved to the UK around 10 years ago. He                understands most of what is being said to him but when I started working with him, he was not a       confident reader and was extremely difficult to understand.

Mr F was keen to improve his language skills to enhance his employment prospects. Before the course, he would struggle at interviews and would need a lot of help searching for appropriate jobs and filling out application forms. He was very reluctant to make or receive calls.

We started with the ‘Basic Words’ section – a particularly useful element of the course. By learning the most used 300 words properly, it was amazing how much everyday language Mr F was able to use. The section highlighted certain words that he had been pronouncing incorrectly since moving to the UK and correcting these mistakes instantly made his speaking much clearer. 

Mr F particularly enjoyed seeing his scores improve. It gave him a real sense of achievement. He has also been able to attend an IT course where he understood the instructor and was able to follow      instructions. Not only has Communicate sessions increased his employability, it has also allowed him to pursue other courses and opportunities which will improve his prospects even more. He is now much more able to fill in application forms independently and will be much more confident attending interviews on his journey to find work.