Achieve an optimal balance between

automation and control

Understanding your data allows you to understand your AI capabilities

Before deploying AI in any mission-critical role, it is essential stress-test your models and harden them against a range of potential biases.

Our team works closely with you to reveal and quantify all the micro indicators that point to risk, quality, or opportunity.

We audit the data to define the parameters of success or failure and we use the findings to inform the model-building process.

The best way to eliminate bias is to tackle it head-on

Decision bias exists in almost all walks of life and is a genuine concern in modern AI. 

The team at Fluence has developed powerful techniques for identifying decision-inconsistency hidden in documentation. It allows teams to scrutinize core processes and to ensure that any resulting AI offers a true reflection of your logic and values.

  • Develop an understanding of decision variance within your organization
  • Example: do teams make the same decisions given the same information?
  • Understand the impact of precedent within your organization

Tree dashboard

Did you know: Most machine learning projects fail because human operators don’t trust the results generated by the model


No matter how great the model is, if humans do not trust it, it will not get used.

Fluence has spent years pioneering traceable AI, where human experts can review the logic of the model before it ever gets used.

Our proprietary model-building process means that experts can interrogate how a decision was derived and explore patterns in the data that influenced the AI’s decision. We can even pinpoint precedent cases that influenced any given decision.

This game-changing capability allows leadership teams to deploy intelligent automation without losing control over the core business process.

How does Fluence work for you?

Quality & compliance

Pattern Recognition

Draw on historical precedent, contentious issues and deviation from standards at a document level.

Communicate changes

Automatically monitory compliance rules and notify stakeholders of any changes or breaches in regulation

Simplify Regulation

Identify areas and causes of confusion within regulatory guidance and create streamlined, easy-to-apply guidance.

Process automation

Augment Human Services

Share or even automate routine tasks with AI in order to free up staff to work on higher value output services

Streamline Document Review

Deploy artificial intelligence into any document review process to improve response times and reduce staff workload

Risk Assessment

Implement risk assessment and fraud detection capabilities on written and typed documentation.


Ops & management

Predict Risks & Gaps

Process huge data sets to identify areas of risk or gaps in service and prioritise corrective actions.

Portfolio Management

Compare, contrast and benchmark the performance across individual investments or entire portfolios

Predictive Analytics

Unearth new insights from seemingly identical documentation and run predictive analytics to derive likely outcomes from investments.