Fluence Arbiter™

Automate application processing with AI to save time and money

Intelligent AI-powered Agent


From winning new customers through to delivering exceptional customer service, an organisation’s speed of response and quality of decision making can become a competitive advantage.

Designed for organisations who process large numbers of applications, appeals or data requests, Fluence Arbiter™ is an AI-powered agent that can autonomously interpret, grade and respond to inbound enquiries. 

Drive Efficiency and Cost Savings


Save Time:  Utilise AI to read and evaluate inbound applications instantaneously to eliminate processing backlogs.

Save Money: Free human agents from time intensive tasks such as reading and evaluating inbound applications.

Infinitely Scalable: Cloud-based SaaS offering makes Arbiter™ just as easy to deploy on the 100th deployment as the first.

Wait, there’s more…


Maintain Standards: Set rules and standards that are applied and enforced on every document seen by Arbiter™.

Easy Reporting: Report on application processing at the user, team or department level to compare and contrast performance.

Fully Auditable: Every application is auditable against rules and standards set by your organisation. No black-box AI or hidden algorithms at play.

See How Fluence Helps Your Industry


Pattern Recognition

Draw on historical precedent, contentious issues and deviation from standards at a document level.

Communicate changes

Automatically monitory compliance rules and notify stakeholders of any changes or breaches in regulation

Simplify Regulation

Identify areas and causes of confusion within regulatory guidance and create streamlined, easy-to-apply guidance.


Augment Human Services

Share or even automate routine tasks with AI in order to free up staff to work on higher value output services

Streamline Applications

Deploy artificial intelligence into any application process to improve response times and reduce staff workload

Predict Risks & Gaps

Process huge data sets to identify areas of risk or gaps in service and prioritise corrective actions.


Risk Assessment

Implement risk assessment and fraud detection capabilities on written and typed documentation.

Portfolio Management

Compare, contrast and benchmark the performance across individual investments or entire portfolios

Predictive Analytics

Unearth new insights from seemingly identical documentation and run predictive analytics to derive likely outcomes from investments.

“Fluence has helped improve the overall quality of our work, providing our experts with instant, contextualised feedback on the quality and suitability of questions. This work is leading to several other exciting areas for CCEA”

Justin Edwards


“Our collaboration with Fluence is a key sustainable development investment; looking to the future of integrating technology into our teaching, learning and assessment. Their technology is opening up new possibilities.”

Steve Grix

Digital Learning Lead, Novus

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