Document predictions via software or API

Once your team is satisfied that the models are working well, you are ready to switch-on your intelligence document management services.

  • Understand what any document relates to
  • Score documents based on quality metrics, suitability or probability of success
  • Generate human-readable actions based on what the AI predicts
  • Embed predictions into any existing corporate systems

Strategic, real-time oversight

Leadership teams can monitor performance in real-time as new documents arrive into the company. Keep track of what distributed teams are doing, and how their actions relate to other members of the team. 

  • Audit sales materials and reporting documentation
  • Capture best-practice and eliminate poor practice

  • Transition to data-led management processes


Continuous improvement

Implement processes that keep getting better.

Model supervision: Keep an eye on how your model performs and mitigate against decision bias.

Trends & Relationships: Identify areas your organisation is performing in, and areas that it is not, providing valuable evidence to inform long term strategies.

Decision Analytics: Gain a deeper understanding of how your organisation arrives at key decisions, how they impact performance and what biases may be at play across multiple levels.

Sentiment Analysis: Extract sentiment insights from large datasets, both internal and external to your organisation to better gauge opinion, mood and feelings to your organisation’s actions.

“Fluence has helped improve the overall quality of our work, providing our experts with instant, contextualised feedback on the quality and suitability of questions. This work is leading to several other exciting areas for CCEA”

Justin Edwards


“Our collaboration with Fluence is a key sustainable development investment; looking to the future of integrating technology into our teaching, learning and assessment. Their technology is opening up new possibilities.”

Steve Grix

Digital Learning Lead, Novus

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