Turn hidden insights into business intelligence

The next level of BI

Around 70% of company data is unstructured, meaning a wealth of business intelligence lays hidden. For the human analyst, surfacing new insights can take upwards of hundreds of hours of work. With AI you can begin to unlock new insights and intelligence within seconds.

Designed for large organisations, Fluence Consul™ is an Analytics-as-a-Service platform that offers the C-Suite level deeper business intelligence. 


Surface New Intelligence: Mine unstructured data for new insights to inform future strategies.

Maintain Standards & Compliance: Surface and flag documentation, actions or decisions that don’t adhere to standards or compliance measures.

Powerful C-Suite Companion: Support business functions in risk management, governance, strategic oversight and much more.

Instant understanding

Trends & Relationships: Identify areas your organisation is performing in, and areas that it is not, providing valuable evidence to inform long term strategies.

Decision Analytics: Gain a deeper understanding of how your organisation arrives at key decisions, how they impact performance and what biases may be at play across multiple levels.

Sentiment Analysis: Extract sentiment insights from large datasets, both internal and external to your organisation to better gauge opinion, mood and feelings to your organisation’s actions.

Learn How Fluence Helps Your Industry


Identify Breaches

Support your professionals in industry policing by identifying standards breaches quickly and easily.

Complaint Investigations

Reduce bias in complaint investigations by and benchmark against historically similar investigations.

Deep Analysis

Map every organisation, complaint and breach through Fluence and identify commonalities, precedent and repeat offenders.


Maintain Standards

Maintain and control standards and service levels across multiple sites, locations or even departments.

Anticipatory Regulation

Build and test new regulation frameworks for emerging industries without stifling progress and innovation. 

Gain New Insights

Identify key words, common phrases and new trends from documentation to predict emerging challenges and initiatives.


Mitigate Risks

Quality assure and audit reports, portfolios and investment decisions to ensure regulatory compliance.

Improve Efficiency

Improve regulatory and compliance oversight while minimising operational costs and expenditure

Adapt to Changes

Understand and react to changes in regulation faster and with less trouble through deeper understanding of your organisational gaps.

“Fluence has helped improve the overall quality of our work, providing our experts with instant, contextualised feedback on the quality and suitability of questions. This work is leading to several other exciting areas for CCEA”

Justin Edwards


“Our collaboration with Fluence is a key sustainable development investment; looking to the future of integrating technology into our teaching, learning and assessment. Their technology is opening up new possibilities.”

Steve Grix

Digital Learning Lead, Novus

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