Don’t worry. Nobody has perfect data.

Great things can happen with what you have.

Becoming data-ready

Data preparation is critical to any high-quality AI project. That’s why we help guide your team through this process.

Fluence’s AI takes on most of the work organizing your data so that processes can be audited and training can take place. 

As with any good experiment, the real challenge lies in defining the terms of the experiment.

Fluence’s experienced team works with you to help you understand what’s possible with your data and how to structure your data in a way that allows you to evaluate core processes. 

A step-by-step process for data-mapping

Step 1

Define the business challenges and

commercial pain points 

Discovery Step 2

Step 2

Map the data to reveal how it relates to

your stated business objectives

Discovery Step 2

Step 3

Agree on the model-building process and

define your training parameters

Discovery Step 3

Robust implementation framework

Guiding you through the AI-adoption curve


Fluence’s proven implementation roadmap allows clients to maximize their chances of sustained success with AI.


  • Peace of mind from beginning to end
  • Total control over the implementation process
  • Perfect understanding of project status
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • No surprises

Fluence Consul

Visualize your model before you use it


See your entire data universe come to life. Spot patterns in your operations that have never been seen before.


  • Remove fear of AI by studying the models with your own eyes
  • Explore your data landscape and how it links to performance
  • Understand where organizational resource is used
  • Reveal potential data gaps
  • Develop new ways of reporting on core processes