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Unleash the power of AI and end the days of manual research

For All Your Discovery Challenges


Information can be key to your competitive advantage but whether it’s competitor analysis or patent checking, surfacing information is still very much stuck in the 20th century, relying on time consuming manual research or purchasing expensive datasets.

Powered by the Fluence Engine™, a cutting edge natural language processing AI, Fluence Discovery™ is capable of scanning huge datasets within seconds to surface what you’re looking for. 

Automate and never look back


Save Time:  Automatically search and surface key information to save hours of time spent on manual research.

Centralised Research: One login, all your competitors. No need for multiple documents, spreadsheets and notes.

Identify Key Features: Understand how competitors positions themselves, and which features they lead with to best differentiate your offer.

Wait, there’s more…


Refine your USP: Learn how your value proposition compares with other companies and identify the elements to compete on, and where you can differentiate.

New Competitor Alerts: Get updated when a new competitor enters your market to ensure you’re not caught unaware.

Identify New Leads: Find similar companies and organisations to that of your existing customers to find new leads more quickly.

See How Fluence Helps Your Industry


Turbo charge competitor research

Save time on manual research, shape your value proposition and identify new competitors entering you market with Fluence Discovery™.


Surface new startups first

Find the latest startups first, save time on manual research and aid portfolio management by easily finding comparable companies.

Finance Services

Close gaps in your portfolio

Identify gaps and opportunies in individual investments or entire portfolios to close gaps or find potential buyers. 

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