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How does a computer even do this?

Computers are getting very good at processing language. Fluence uses this technology to spot patterns in student language that are likely to indicate a specific academic issue.

These techniques are often referred to as forensic linguistics, because police forces use them to detect criminal behaviour and radicalisation online.

What is pattern recognition?

Machine learning allows Fluence to detect subtle patterns in language that are often invisible to humans. We analyse thousands of documents to gain a profound understanding of these patterns. These insights enable us to detect learning needs and suggest appropriate help.

Pattern recognition in action

Priorities detects academic issues by performing complex frequency analysis calculations on content submitted to the platform.

Use of slang, informal word order, verbal speech patterns, use of modifiers and superlatives, etc.
Subject confusion
Spikes in complex grammar, repeated use of terminology, increased use of crutch words, etc.
Absence of in unique writing quirks.
Level of English
Evidence of missing vocabulary, grammar errors, structural language missing, over-use of specific language.

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