Awarding Organisations


Automated assistance for the custodians of quality

We help regulators and awarding bodies improve the quality, consistency and visibility of their work by using Artificial Intelligence to inform and automate all future quality assurance activities.


  • Credibility requires trust
  • Trust requires fairness
  • Fairness is built on consistency

Auto-define your standards

Asking thousands of stakeholders to agree on the definition of standards can be complex and expensive.

Leverage artificial intelligence to quantify your position on quality, and to disseminate this standard across your network.

AI-assisted benchmarking

Gain an immediate oversight on the performance of dispersed professionals.

Provide all your professionals with automated assistance and assurance on quality and consistency, without interfering with workflow.

Automated performance review

Understand which activities have most impact on performance.

Improve the overall quality of your output by using AI to guide your activities.

Mitigate risk

Minimise the impact of human error in complex, nuanced decision-making.

Ensure that your decisions are robust, verified, and defensible.

Sustain quality across your network

Every task you perform is subject to external scrutiny. From setting a curriculum, right through to the allocation of grades, every action must be conducted with care and due diligence.

Is the curriculum appropriate? Is the test a fair reflection of the topic? Is the exam question age-appropriate? Is the examiner correctly interpreting the mark scheme?

Fluence allows awarding bodies to seamlessly coordinate the complex tasks associated with managing standards on a large scale, across multiple stakeholders.

Minimise the impact of human error

Long-standing, proven techniques for bencharking quality are becoming economically unviable. Awarding Organisations are under pressure to achieve efficiencies without compromising on quality.

Deploy Fluence AI to achieve the following: 

  • Minimise decision-disparity between two or more professsionals
  • Ensure that all parties interpret standards and protocols in a similar manner
  • Mitigate the potential for subjective differences of opinion

Share your standards with your network

Fluence allows you to automate complex benchmarking and quality assurance activities.

This allows you to package your expertise into software, making it much easier for you to share your know-how with your network.

At the click of a button, any professional can tap into your know-how, and apply your standards to their decisions.

Fluence allows you to put a digital version of yourself into the hands of every professional who is tasked with upholding your standards and values.