Fluence makes data-driven teaching a reality for educators. 

Truly understanding what works in education, and why, is an ever-present challenge. Fluence eliminates the burden of teaching administration, performing many of the complex but repetitive tasks that may detract from the process of teaching.

Automated formative assessments

Automate the process of capturing learner levels. Use AI to do take on the burden of evidencing progression.  

Reduce administrative burden

Free educators from the burden of routine planning, marking and feedback.

Automated quality assurance

Leverage the collective experience of every teacher to drive education planning for any student.

Embrace the power of automation

Any assessment or planning task that is repeated hundreds of times a week is soul destroying, but more importantly, it can be automated.

AI-assisted curriculum planning

The first step in the development of great A.I. is to truly understand your own values.

Do you value knowledge more than attitude? How much does grammar influence your grading?

Fluence technology provides unparalleled insight into the underlying decision logic, biases, and idiosyncrasies of your current teaching processes.  Fluence ushers in a new era of holistic data-guided curriculum planning, where every aspect of teaching and learning is orientated around the impact it has on learners.



AI-assisted teaching

It has never been easier to move away from the one-size-fits-all models that came before. 

Our objective is to allow leadership teams to empower educators, giving them the freedom to work as they wish, without compromising on wider objectives of the school.

Fluence technology allows individual educators to harness the collective knowledge and best practice of the entire teaching staff.


Admin automation

The joy of teaching is being eroded by the onslaught of admin.

Fluence learns how educators think about specific tasks, then replicates this logic for future learners. We take on the burden of tracking progression and managing learner support, leaving teachers free to perform the rewarding parts of the job.