Assisting with the human side of FinTech


Financial decisions are informed by numbers, but they are driven by narrative. Fluence turns qualitative content into actionable quantitative insights. Whether you are hunting for leading indicators, or defining your investment strategies, Fluence delivers a competitive advantage in a fast-moving field.

Improved decision speed

Making good decisions is one thing. Making them faster than the rest of the field is another. Fluence AI can assist with the complex task of filtering complex opportunities at scale.

Automated compliance

Staying on top of complex regulation can be a daunting process. Fluence can assist with the automation of complex compliance challenges.

Leverage all available data

Give your experts the tools they need to interrogate every aspect of an opportunity.

Make accountable, traceable decisions

Fluence helps you to drive consistency and transparency into your operations. When things go well, or badly, it pays to be able to deconstruct how decisions were made, to that processes can be continuously adapted based on what works. 

Inform Strategy

The first step in the development of great A.I. is to truly understand your own commercial processes.

Fluence technology provides unparalleled insight into the underlying decision values, biases, and idiosyncrasies of your current operations. Fluence helps you to quantify how decisions are currently made, in order to improve the quality and consistency of all future activities.



Analyse ‘human’ risks

Reliance on human expertise is expensive and it comes with its own set of risks.

It is difficult to quantify how ‘gut instinct’ decisions are formed. This can leave organizations vulnerable to risks associated with inconsistent, biased, or flawed decision processes. Thanks to Fluence, it becomes possible for large organisations to flag new risk types, and to audit the logic of experts on the ground. Our objective is to allow leadership teams to passively analyse performance, without undermining the integrity or freedom of the people involved.

Automate processes, without losing quality

Business intelligence is evolving.

It is now possible for AI to play a far more significant role in day-to-day activities. Fluence facilitates the reliable conversion of lessons learned from prior activities, into a reliable decision-assistant for all future business activities.

Our goal is to allow you to set your own rules, set your level of automation, and customise your processes.