Fluence in Professional Services


The professional services sector is heavily reliant on human expertise.
Organisations who thrive in this space are held to account for the decisions that they make. However, excellent service can often seem intangible and the pressures of automation are forcing innovation in pricing mechanisms and business models.

Fluence provides you with the tools you need to future-proof your services and to adapt to inevitable changes that will hit the sector over the coming decade.


  • Audit current processes and behaviours
  • Define your organisational identity and values
  • Automate complex high-level tasks

Get ahead of skills shortages

Make human expertise go further by automating a range of complex, high-level tasks.

Overcome pricing pressures

Maintain service quality and consistency in an increasingly price-sensitive marketplace.

Adapt to commoditisation trend

New digital competitors are entering the industry en masse. Fluence facilitates the digitization of your services, allowing you to put a digital version of yourself directly into the hands of customers.

Embrace the power of automation

There is a huge opportunity in automation, but there is also an enormous risk of falling behind.

Making the transition to tech-led revenue

Fluence aims to help you deliver vital process automation, allowing you to remain competitive, and to shift to a software-led consultancy model.

Fluence software is not designed to replace skilled human judgement. It simply allows you to learn from what these professionals are doing, in order to automate routine labour-intensive activities. 



Mitigate Risk

Reliance on human expertise is expensive and it comes with its own set of risks.

It is difficult to quantify how subjective ‘gut instinct’ decisions are currently made. Thanks to Fluence, it becomes possible for large organisations to audit their deicision-making processes. Our objective is to allow leadership teams to audit the performance of entire teams, without undermining the integrity or freedom of the people involved.

Leverage forensic linguistics to identify entirely new types of risk and to track them autonomously, on a continuous basis.

Leave a legacy with every client

Just because a project is finished, doesn’t mean the task has ended. Fluence helps you generate Software-as-a-Service revenue opportunities to offer continuous support beyond the life of a typical project. 

With Fluence, it becomes possible to leave a digital version of yourself in the hands of your clients.

Once you have developed complex processes, Fluence software can remain behind to help clients adhere to new processes, long after a consultancy job has ended.