Facilitating the evolution of a long-standing industry.


Fluence eases publishing services into the Artificial Intelligence revolution. We work with you to develop and implement entirely new business models, built on intelligent, high-level, predictive automation.

New monetisation strategies

As revenue models evolve, Fluence allows you to leverage your knowledge-based to create entirely new revenue streams. 

Drive customer engagement

As publishers move toward SaaS-based subscription models, Fluence provides you with the tools to interact with audiences in a profoundly human way.

Audience profiling like a boss

Understand exactly why audiences buy into your content. Fluence helps you understand what truly drives revenue and engagement.

Deliver a consistent version of yourself

Publishers are working across a wide range of media platforms. Managing them well is a complex, labour intensive process. Let Fluence do the heavy lifting. Manage your identity with speed and precision.

Understand what’s working

Technological advances are driving significant behavioural changes in how readers consume content, which is forcing publishers to react.

Fluence provides you with the tools you need to audit what’s selling, and more importantly, why it is selling. We help you channel your resources into what will have the greatest impact on your business.


AI-assisted customer engagement

As publishers make the transition to SaaS-based content ecosystems, the race is on to add value to the client experience.

Fluence allows publishers to augment the customer experience, by providing an unprecedented understanding of reader interests and motivations.

Our goal is to bring you closer to your readers, by giving them access to your expertise, as well as your content.

Do more with less

Publishers are under pressure to cut costs to remain competitive. However, this makes it difficult to compete on quality.

Fluence offers publishers a powerful new approach for improving publishing standards while simultaneously helping them to add value to users and streamline editorial costs.

Humans have a hard limit on how much content they can read, so it is important to use this time as wisely as possible. Let Fluence take on the burden of managing low-level tasks, and point your team to content that is most worthy of their time.