Disseminate your values right across your network at the click of a button.


We understand that your reputation as a regulator is built on delivering high-quality decisions on a repeatable basis.

In any regulated industry, the task of ensuring that thousands of professionals adhere to common standards is complex, expensive and subjective. Fluence helps regulatory authorities to codify and standardise their decision-making, based on previous decisions.

Fluence’s AI allows you to ensure that thousands of professionals adhere to a common standard. That standard is yours.

Your expertise, as a product

Turn your knowledge-base into a product which can be accessed by your industry.

Drive engagement

Shorten the distance between the development of standards and their application in the real world. 

Greater transparency

Remove the subjectivity from your core decision-making processes. 

Consistency at your core

Fluence allows you to deliver on the vital objective of acting in a reliable repeatable way. 

Understand your world

We allow you to visualise your knowledge base and explore your internal values and priorities.

We help you answer important questions regarding current policy, identifying effective and ineffective practice, and underlying values.

We use this knowledge to build up genuinely bespoke AI which allows you to build up entirely new predictive capabilities.

AI-assisted decision management

Fluence allows existing regulators to be at the forefront of the AI revolution.

As the arbiters of quality, it is vital that regulators become the supervisors of the AI that gets deployed across their respective industries.

Fluence allows industry regulators to inform the activities of their networks, and to embed their logic into the activities of their industry partners.

Do more with less

AI provides the perfect opportunity to achieve a greater level of service, without adding to your operating costs.

Humans have a hard limit on how much content they can read, so it is important to use this time as wisely as possible. Let Fluence take on the burden of managing low-level tasks, and point your team to challenges that are worthy of their time.