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As part of a Team Day, I was tasked with working out why I liked working for Fluence.

The task seemed straightforward at first, but I soon realised that really locking down why I like it here, is a surprisingly complex task

I decided to cheat, and ask other people why they think I like working here? What do my nearest and dearest pick up on when I’m talking about work in the pub?

It turns out that they were far more perceptive than me, possibly because they had their own workplaces to compare against.

Their findings:

  • It’s hip! (my friends are mostly over 40, I’m not sure it’s hip to say hip?)
  • I work in an enriched workplace
  • It’s engaging, modern and fun
  • We are exciting
  • We care, it’s a kind, caring and a valued environment
  • Welcoming and friendly


Pretty impressive, considering 5 of the people I asked have never been to my place of work or met with any of my colleagues. It felt really great to receive such validation about my place of work, from people who’d been picking up on snippets of conversation over the last few years.

I would really recommend this exercise for other companies who are trying to work on their culture and values. It seems that your close friends pick up on the vibe of a company. It can be a useful way of identifying what your organisation stands for, and what you should be working on.

It is also super quick! Just send a simple WhatsApp message to your close network.

Having done this, it was much easier for me to define why I like working at Fluence. It’s fun, it’s fast, and I get to learn about stuff I had never even heard of in my 20 plus years of working life. I get to be part of super interesting projects working with technologies such as AI, Machine Learning and Computational linguistics. I am constantly developing and growing as my company grows.

I know that working in start-ups and scale-ups comes with its own set of challenges, and it isn’t for everyone. But for those who thrive on challenge, it is quite addictive.