Teaching & learning,
with surgical precision.


Instantly understand learning needs

Priorities helps educators capitalise on advances in natural language processing and machine learning.

We help you make better use of all your people and resources by channelling them to where they can have the biggest impact.

Allocate the right resources to every single student

Fluence has built a digital language doctor. It reads student content and detects academic issues that are relevant to the course.

It then makes resource recommendations based on the severity of the issue and the availability of resources.



Understand what success looks like to you



Instantly detect what students need from you



Deliver appropriate support to every student

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Who is Priorities for?

The university landscape is changing fast. Political and financial upheaval is driving innovation. Priorities helps universities to manage the way they drive technological change.

Core objectives

Improve response times
react to learner needs before they ask for help.
Optimise resource spending
make your resources go further by delivering them with greater precision.
Boost student engagement
help students before they realise there is a problem.
Automatic benchmarking
understand how every student will engage with any course, as soon as they arrive.

Improve staff performance
help staff to get ahead of academic problems.

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