Solving complex problems with document-understanding AI.

Transparency through Artificial Intelligence


Fluence is a deep tech AI company specializing in applied linguistics.

We help high-performance teams embed linguistic-AI into processes involving complex documentation.

Fluence acts as your AI partner, helping your team navigate the complex journey from data-preparation through to AI-exploitation.

Whether you are looking to improve sales performance or standardize core processes, Fluence’s powerful machine learning capabilities help you understand what is really happening within your organization.

We have wrapped our extraordinary technology into a proven implementation framework designed to shield clients from cost, risk and complexity.





Introducing the Fluence Engine

We’ve developed technology that learns to emulate, and then augment, professional judgement on complex documentation.

The Fluence Engine™ is powering a revolution in intelligent automation.


Your journey to intelligent process automation

Powered by the Fluence Engine™

Understand your data universe

We will map your unstructured data to reveal patterns in performance and to review the automation-potential of your data.

  • Define the macro and micro indicators of performance hidden in your unstructured data.
  • Codify company-wide language usage, and how it relates to performance.
  • Reveal industry or time-related trends in your documentation.
  • Analyze the impact of language relative to company outcomes

Stress-test existing processes


Fluence develops predictive models to designed to scrutinize existing processes. These models reveal process bias and inconsistency, thereby ensuring that the AI offers a true reflection of your company’s logic and values.


  • What is the commonality of strong/poor performance?
  • Are there indicators of bias and process inconsistency?
  • Where can AI add most value to core business processes?
  • What is the optimal human/AI balance?
  • What level of supervision will the AI require?

Deployment and continuous improvement

Time to reap the rewards from your AI-investment. Once your team is satisfied that the models are stress-tested and operate as intended, you are ready to implement the service in real-time. 

Connect existing data platforms to Fluence’s API to access dynamic document feedback:

  • Document insights (purpose, context or classification)
  • Document triage (quality, relevance and suitability)
  • Document predictions (probable outcome and candidate rank order)
  • Automated actions (e.g. when outcome ‘x’ is detected, AI to perform action ‘y’)
  • Business intelligence (monitor and detect changes in organizational process or decision-behaviour)




Humans and AI working together to improve lives.

Find out more about how Fluence is helping Novus drive quality, consistency and efficiency into the prison education sector.


“Fluence has helped improve the overall quality of our work, providing our experts with instant, contextualised feedback on the quality and suitability of questions. This work is leading to several other exciting areas for CCEA”
Justin Edwards


“Our collaboration with Fluence is a key sustainable development investment; looking to the future of integrating technology into our teaching, learning and assessment. Their technology is opening up new possibilities.”
Steve Grix

Digital Learning Lead, Novus