Taking the pain out of manual document review

Welcome to Fluence


Fluence is an AI firm specialising in linguistic data.

We help organisations embed well-considered AI into business-processes involving complex documents.

Running internal AI projects can be risky.  Gartner estimates that 85% of AI projects end in failure. With implementation costs ranging from $100,000 to $300,000, exploring the possibilities of AI can be expensive and the returns are not guaranteed. 

Fluence acts as your AI-implementation partner, helping your team navigate the complex challenges of getting AI working in your context and maximising your chances of achieving successful deployments.

Our team has developed and perfected an AI-implementation model that allows clients to get started with intelligent automation, whilst protecting them from cost, risk and complexity.


” It has been wonderful working with Fluence. They are an exciting and innovative bunch and have found several solutions to deal with the challenges of our context. I have been fortunate enough to speak with them regularly and have taken so much away from our collaboration. “

Steve Grix, Digital Learning Lead, Novus




Humans and AI working together to improve lives.

The team recently completed a large-scale collaboration with Novus and the Ufi VocTech Trust to improve the quality of prison education. Find out more about how Fluence is helping Novus drive quality, consistency and efficiency into the prison education sector.






Introducing the Fluence Engine

Our team has spent four years perfecting the Fluence Engine™, a cutting edge natural language processing AI able to interpret complex documentation based on your values and preferences.

We have successfully combined Natural Language Processing, Forensic Linguistics and Machine Learning in order to mimic and augment the subtle decision logic of skilled professionals.

The Fluence Engine™ is powering a revolution in intelligent automation.



Powered by the Fluence Engine™

Fluence Discovery™

Take the time and tedium out of manual research

Research is time-consuming and it is difficult to know when enough work has been done. Thanks to Fluence, every decision you make about a document can now be applied dynamically to millions of other documents you haven’t read. By the time you’ve read a hundred documents, your skilled judgement has been applied to millions of documents.


  • Exhaustive competitor analysis in 30 minutes
  • Exhaustive prior art searches in 1 hour

Fluence Arbiter™

Protect your team from raw inbound documents.

Fluence Arbiter™ acts as an intelligent decision agent that sits between the outside world and your team. Arbiter is trained by your experts to scan documents for quality, importance, relevance, risk, and probable outcome, prior to human review. The service can perform automated feedback cycles prior to human review, thereby protecting your team from invalid, irrelevant or low-quality work.


  • Document review processes
  • Application review
  • Complaint & enquiry handling
  • Exam grading & bench-marking

Fluence Consul™

Improve the quality and consistency of high-stakes decisions 

Fluence Consul™ is a service where skilled professionals and Fluence AI work together to make the best possible decision. Consul analyses thousands of precedent cases to help professionals to explore the intricacies of their decision making, thereby allowing teams to guard against bias and decision fatigue.


  • Standards & compliance management
  • Litigation support
  • Procurement support
  • Complex case handling

Experts, freed from limitations

Fluence allows skilled professionals to extend themselves far beyond their current capacity.


Handle extreme growth in documentation


Global documentation doubling every year

Overcome hard limit on human processing


Expert limited by 450 words per minute reading speed


Tackle blind spots in cognitive reasoning


Spot imperceptible patterns across thousands of documents


Sense-check decisions against precedent


Leverage historic decisions to inform future activities


“Fluence has helped improve the overall quality of our work, providing our experts with instant, contextualised feedback on the quality and suitability of questions. This work is leading to several other exciting areas for CCEA”
Justin Edwards


“Our collaboration with Fluence is a key sustainable development investment; looking to the future of integrating technology into our teaching, learning and assessment. Their technology is opening up new possibilities.”
Steve Grix

Digital Learning Lead, Novus