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Maximize productivity, streamline governance, minimize risk.

With transparent, explainable AI.

Harness the collective intelligence of your organization.

Capture human expertise and share best-practice.

Learn from every decision and client interaction.

Total control over documentation, unstructured data, and performance outcomes.


Reveal patterns between activity and outcome. Pinpoint optimizations in current processes. 


Structure the collective output of your team and implement autonomous process monitoring.


Predict the quality, performance and ROI of future activities, trained on your own performance history.

  • Make sense of massive unstructured datasets in minutes.

  • Reveal hidden relationships between documents, activity and performance.

  • Apply predictive insights to current and new documents in seconds.


Emulate & augment human expertise.


1.6bn words per hour, or 10,000 words per second.


Coherent, explainable model feedback.


Self-optimizing ML framework adapts to your objectives.

The anatomy of good decision-making

West Midlands Tech
West Midlands Tech

About Fluence World

Fluence is a British/Swiss deep-tech AI company.

The team has developed a technology that capable of reverse engineering relationships between content and outcomes. It allows organizations to learn quickly from history and apply lessons dynamically to future activities.

Fluence’s unique advances in auditable Machine Learning allow teams to truly understand the relationship between activity and outcome.

Fluence was founded in 2016, bringing together some of the finest engineers from Cambridge University and ETH Zurich.

The team has extensive Silicon Valley experience and has succeeded in developing a genuinely auditable Machine Learning framework designed to adapt dynamically to the specific requirements of sophisticated global clients.

Data-driven pharma marketing

Reveal hidden relationships between marketing output, sales activity, and business impact.

Apply the collective experience of your brand to every new interaction.

A disconnect exists between what marketing teams produce, what sales reps use, and what Healthcare Professionals want to know. This is an issue that Fluence allows us to address.

Danny Donkers

Country Director, Amgen

Align workflows: Establish a single source of data-driven truth that can be shared across countries, regions and teams.

Maximize value to HCPs: Capture hyper-specific patterns associated with HCP engagement and apply those patterns to future activities and interactions.

Capture business impact: Allow global teams to capture the true ROI of marketing output, unlocking efficiencies in marketing spend.

Data-guided business processes: Enhance the value of your data contained in systems such as IQVIA, Salesforce and CRM and Veeva PromoMats. 


  • Strategic marketing
  • Campaign optimization
  • Marketing automation

Financial Services

  • Quality & compliance
  • Process monitoring
  • Risk management

Public Sector

  • Standards management
  • Digital transformation
  • Quality & compliance

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