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Turn documents into answers

An essential tool for teams working with complex documents.

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Reveal the link between output and outcomes.

Harness the collective experience of teams.
Align activity to optimal performance.
  • Review complex documents.

  • Reveal how your documents are going to perform.

  • Adjust processes to maximize performance outcomes.


Emulate & augment human expertise.


1.6bn words per hour, or 10,000 words per second


Coherent, human-readable model feedback


AI adapts to your content and KPIs

Topics dashboard

A game-changer in strategic marketing

The Fluence Engine surfaces the precise correlation between marketing output and market share. It provides leadership teams with an entirely new way to manage multi-million dollar marketing budgets.

Increase the dollar-conversion of marketing spend by doing more of what works, and less of what doesn't.


  • Strategic marketing
  • Campaign optimization
  • Marketing automation

Financial Services

  • Compliance
  • Reporting
  • Risk management


  • Standards management
  • Digital transformation
  • Advanced analytics

The Fluence Engine learns how to interpret your documents based on how similar documents have performed in the past.

Implement a self-improving document management and review process.

Get to answers in seconds, instead of months.

Achieve total transparency over complex document-heavy business processes.

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