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Understand your documents

with auditable, explainable AI

Train AI to understand documents for you

Apply your professional judgement to thousands of documents in seconds

Harness the collective experience of your team

Review how the AI thinks to enhance your processes and maximize results



Google for Startups




Leverage your documentation to inform and refine organizational processes. 

In a game-changing advance for Artificial Intelligence, Fluence’s predictive capabilities are auditable and explainable. The Fluence engine pinpoints how micro-patterns in documentation correlate with company performance.

  • Discover new insights about what works and why
  • Define organizational best-practice, trained on your objectives and KPIs
  • Codify your position on quality and standards
  • Refine business-critical processes, based on what works
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Process supervision and automation

Embed document understanding AI into business-critical processes to deliver optimal results, as trained on your own KPIs.  
  • Quality – better, faster, data-enriched decision-making
  • Transparency – ‘top-down’ visibility on nuanced processes and procedures
  • Repeatability – maintain process integrity across large, distributed teams
  • Efficiency – intelligent process monitoring and triage
  • Automation – deliver spectacular efficiencies on a range of ‘manual’ tasks

Making the transition to safe, transparent, responsible AI

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Sales & Marketing

Campaign ROI

CRM optimization

Asset optimization

Performance monitoring

Omnichannel marketing

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HR & Recruitment

Candidate triage & selection

Interview & resume interpretation

Decision logic & bias monitoring

Internal development

Promotions & appraisals

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Data & Business intelligence

Document classification

Data migration


Process monitoring

Continuous improvement

Document analytics

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Intellectual Property

FTO search & analysis

Patent classification

Portfolio management & review

Continuous monitoring

Competitor tracking

Regulatory check and cross illustration

Quality & Regulatory

Quality assurance

Standards and compliance

Quality control

Process review

Risk management

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Patient management

Pathway optimization

Patient management

Risk stratification and triage

Trial optimization

Recruitment and selection

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